Described as "one of the most definitive instructional videos 
on the art of watercolor painting done to date."

Mel Stabin's simple manner of describing exactly what he is doing as he does it invites the viewer to experience the process of painting with him. This DVD is unique in that Mel goes beyond lecturing on just technique. Emphasis is placed on the essence of watercolor, concern for design, color, and value relationships, and creating dynamic shapes. The liquid quality of the washes and the deft handling of calligraphy are apparent and intimately portrayed through many close-ups. The color is rich as is Mel's verbal and visual description of the Southeast Lighthouse as the camera moves fluidly from palette to painting to the actual lighthouse flawlessly.

Of the highest professional quality and beautifully filmed with a two-camera set-up.  It is documentary in character and captures the feeling of Block Island.  47 minutes.  See Order Information below.      


This DVD is somewhat unique in that there are few that have been done of painting a person in a natural environment.  Filmed at the Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge in Lloyd Neck, New York, the DVD begins with Mel describing his painting equipment.  He then explores every phase of the painting process and clearly describes his thoughts and methodology from sketch to finished painting.  Mel shares his knowledge of design principles, composition, color/value relationships, and more. The atmosphere of the day and the essence of the clothed model are captured with luminous, transparent washes seen through many close-ups.  The camera follows every gesture of Mel painting, from his palette to the fluid application of paint.  A series of Mel's paintings, twenty in all, are shown throughout accompanied by soothing classical music.

Rich in color and of the highest professional quality, this was beautifully filmed with a two-camera set-up and state-of-the-art editing.   
59 minutes.  See Order Information below.    



Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island, Rhode Island DVD - SPECIAL PRICE! Regularly $45. Now $29 plus $9 S&H. Residents of New Jersey and New York are required to pay state sales tax on the purchase price of the item and on the S&H charge.  Please see below.  Outside USA, please e-mail us for S&H rates.  

The Figure In Watercolor On Location DVD - SPECIAL PRICE!  Regularly $49. Now $29 plus $9 S&H.  Residents of New Jersey and New York are required to pay state sales tax on the purchase price of the item and on the S&H charge. Please see below.  Outside USA, please e-mail us for S&H rates.  

New Jersey and New York residents are required to pay state sales tax on the purchase price of the item and on the S&H charge so please be sure to include your state sales tax on the total amount (cost of item and S&H charge).  

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